1. Conditions of Membership

    1. Membership of the ONE UP Club loyalty programme is free of charge; no purchase is necessary.
    2. To join the ONE UP Club loyalty programme, the participant must create a personal account at www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch and read and accept the conditions of membership concerning this promotion. 
    3. The ONE UP Club loyalty programme is exclusively aimed at smokers aged over 18 residing in Switzerland, and membership is only open to those registered at www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch. Employees of British American Tobacco (hereinafter referred to as BAT), BAT Vending and any subsidiaries of the BAT Group in Switzerland or elsewhere in the world, together with members of their families, are not eligible for membership of the ONE UP Club loyalty programme.
  2. Membership

    How to join the ONE UP Club loyalty programme:

    - in every pack of Davidoff cigarettes, the participant will find an insert with a ONE UP Club programme membership code.

    - Any participant can also receive membership codes at various events organised by Davidoff cigarettes throughout the year.

    - The participant must then set up their personal space on www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch by creating an account.

    - The participant must then go to the ONE UP Club section of the site and enter their code in the appropriate window. 

    - They will automatically see their ONE UP Club points in their personal space on www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch
  3. How the points system works and membership status

    1. Each code entered at www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch enables the member to obtain the following two elements:

      20 points which can be used to order rewards from the catalogue (see 5)

      - Points can be combined, enabling members to order different rewards from the catalogue, accessible only to members. The points value of the reward ordered will be deducted from the member’s total points balance.

      - Points do not expire and remain valid for the entire duration of the ONE UP Club loyalty programme (while the ONE UP Club loyalty programme is active at www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch (see. 6)).

      20 loyalty points will enable you to upgrade your membership status

      - The loyalty points enable you to access more and more exclusive rewards as your membership status evolves, according to the number of loyalty points earned over the year (from 1 January to 31 December).Loyalty points are reset to zero at the end of each year (31 December). However, the total number of loyalty points accumulated until that date determines the member’s status for the following year (from 1 January). The member will consequently start the new year with the status obtained by 31 December of the previous year. They can only obtain a higher status by collecting the number of loyalty points required for the higher level during the year (see 3.2). Remember that the number of points is reset to zero at the beginning of each year, so the member may be allocated a lower status if they have not collected the number of points necessary to maintain their previous status.

      - With regard to the acquisition of a status, it should be noted that it is updated automatically as soon as the member reaches the number of loyalty points required for the higher level, without the need to wait until the end of the year to move up. 

      Example: If you have accumulated 7,000 points by 31 December 2018, and have thus attained GOLD status, your loyalty points will be reset to zero but you will retain your GOLD status for all of 2019 only.

      Example: If you have collected 15,000 loyalty points between 1 January 2019 and 14 August 2019, your status will be upgraded from GOLD to PLATINUM from 14 August 2019. On 31 December 2019, you will retain your PLATINUM status, or higher (if you reach the necessary points level before 31 December 2019) for all of 2020. During this year, you must earn the same number of loyalty points in order to retain the membership status you have attained, because your 2021 status will be determined by the number of loyalty points collected in 2020.
    2. All new members of the ONE UP Club programme start with zero points.

      Using the codes entered at www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch and the des points collected, members can progressively increase their membership status:

      - From 20 loyalty points = ACCESS membership
      - From 1,000 loyalty points = SILVER membership
      - From 5,000 loyalty points = GOLD membership
      - From 15,000 loyalty points = PLATINUM membership
      - From 20,000 loyalty points = BLACK membership
  4. Rewards: 

    1. The list of rewards can be found in the ONE UP Club section of www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch. This list is not exhaustive and is subject to regular changes. 
    2. When the member orders a reward, they will receive an email acknowledging their order. Unless there are exceptional reasons, they will receive their reward in the month following their order from www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch
    3. Rewards may not be exchanged and there are no cash alternatives. Rewards are for the named member only and may not be transferred to a third person.
    4. BAT reserves the right to amend, expand or reduce the list or even to replace rewards with similar rewards of an objectively identical value at any time and without prior warning, depending on levels of available stock. Any decision concerning the allocation of rewards is final and may not be subject to any complaint or recourse.
  5. ONEUP loyalty programme

    1. BAT reserves the right to terminate the ONE UP Club loyalty programme at any time, at its discretion. The cessation of any such competition does not imply any right to compensation of any kind. No rights are acquired and no service may be demanded. Furthermore, we do not accept liability if the data entered in the forms or emails from members is not recognised by the system or, more generally, if a person is prevented from participating in the ONEUP CLUB loyalty programme due to a technical error or any other reason
    2. BAT also reserves the right to exclude participants from the ONEUP loyalty programme. This applies in particular to members who commit or attempt to commit fraud (creation of fake membership accounts), those who manipulate the rules or attempt to do so, or members who violate these conditions of membership.
  6. Other legal notices

    1. BAT reserves the right to modify these conditions of membership at any time. The conditions of membership applicable to the ONE UP Club loyalty programme are those in force at the time of access and use of the website by the member. 
    2. When registering, members have to provide certain personal data (first name, surname, email address, proof of identity, etc.). This personal data will be held on storage servers located in Switzerland and Ireland and used for the purpose of participation in the ONE UP Club loyalty programme and its operation, as well as for marketing purposes. Members’ personal data will only be passed on to third parties if necessary for the operation of the ONE UP Club loyalty programme or for the purpose of the aforementioned marketing. BAT will ensure that these third parties always treat the personal data belonging to the registered members within the same framework and limits as specified by BAT and in accordance with Swiss data protection legislation. Members may contact BAT at any time if they have any questions concerning the processing of personal data, using the following email address: service@davidoff-cigarettes.ch
    3. BAT will collect and use this personal data in accordance with Swiss law and its own data protection policy, available here: http://www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch/fr/page/confidentialite-des-donnees.
    4. By participating in the ONE UP Club loyalty programme, members consent to BAT using their email address to send them electronic newsletters. The newsletter may be cancelled at any time.

For all other matters, the website’s general terms and conditions apply www.davidoff-cigarettes.ch.

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